Reasons to Search for Work While You’re Still Employed

October 30th, 2015

You’ve added up the numbers, done the math, and talked your situation over with your loved ones and the path ahead is clear: It’s time for a new job. Your current workplace just isn’t giving what you need. Maybe you were excited to receive your initial offer or start work on your first day, but that was a long time ago, and things have changed. At this point, you’re ready to move on, and you just don’t see a future within these walls. Here are a few tips for job searching while you are employed.

Money matters.

Chasing your dreams is important. And being polite to your current boss is important. But your personal financial stability is more important than either of these things, and the money you’ll be earning while you search for work on the side can sustain you if the marketplace isn’t as welcoming as you expect. Stay stable and keep your paycheck until you’re fully ready to let go.

Expand your options.

If you’re still employed and still collecting a paycheck and covering your bills, then you’re less likely to leap at the first offer that comes your way. You can afford to be calm, collected, and discriminating, which can help you choose the right job (and negotiate a salary that works for you).

Maintain your personal connections.

Don’t tell anyone at your workplace that you’re stepping onto the market, even your closest friends. Nobody at your office should know your plans, or you may be hustled out the door before you’re ready. But at the same time, maintaining contact with your mentors, supporters, and co-workers can help you in the future when you need references and a bank of goodwill that you can count on.

When you have an offer, you’ll have leverage.

When you finally land an offer that you like, you can let your boss know that you’ll be leaving in two weeks’ time. They may let you go without a peep, and that’s fine. But they may also decide they would rather keep you on board and they can make it worth your while.

For more on how to search for work or plan your career path over the long term, reach out to the job search experts at PSU.

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Save Time and Money with a Staffing Agency

September 18th, 2015

You’re proud of the hard work you’ve invested in your staffing program. Your company is a well-oiled machine, and when you have an open position to fill, you typically attract a strong talent pool and choose a great candidate within a reasonable time frame. But as your company grows and expands, your staffing program is starting to cost more than you can afford in terms of time and personal focus. At this point, it’s time to turn your attention away from the hiring process and back to the more important task of running your business and taking care of your clients. But you still need a staffing program that meets your needs and won’t break your budget. Have you considered partnering with an experienced staffing agency? Keep these benefits in mind.

Reduced Risk

Your most important assets are your human assets, and your company will only be as productive and successful as the people who work for you. Right now, you’re investing time and care in your selection process, but a staffing agency can take this time and care one step further. Why not bring your candidates on board and work beside them for a few months before making a long term commitment? This probationary period can give both parties a little time to test the strength of the match before making it permanent.

Workforce Flexibility

If your business model involves seasonal or cyclical fluctuations, you need more help during some months of the year than others. You may rush to hire a fleet of hands during the summer or the holiday season and reduce your team to a skeleton crew during the rest of the year, or vice versa. But you— and your employees—may struggle with this dramatic rise and fall in demand. A staffing agency can help you smooth this process by providing expert temporary help during periods of peak need and simply reassigning these employees when your busy season is over.

Reduced Hassle and Paperwork

Since your team members will technically be employed by the staffing agency, not by you, you don’t need to worry about insurance, payroll, tax reporting, or any of the other bureaucratic elements of staffing that distract you from more important tasks. While you focus on your products and customers, the agency can handle these details. If your employee isn’t a match for your culture or isn’t a fit for the job description, the agency can supply a replacement without single pause in productivity.

Put your trust in a staffing agency that cares about your business as much as you do. Contact the experienced staffing team at Personnel Services Unlimited today.

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Three Tips for Newly Graduated Job Seekers

August 14th, 2015

You’ve recently completed your degree and taken your first shaky steps into the “real” world. Like an optimistic baby bird, you’re setting your sights on the sky and hoping for the best. Which, in your case, will be a stable, fulfilling entry level position that you can eventually leverage into a lasting and meaningful career. At this stage in your life, you won’t be able to throw a stone without hitting someone who’s eager to give you advice. Friends, mentors, employers, recruiters, and total strangers will tell you exactly what you need to do to find “success”. So instead of adding to the chorus, we’ll just offer three simple tips drawn from our experience in the staffing field…These are the three that we’ve found to be the most useful for new graduates like you.

There is only one definition of “success”: yours.

Success does not mean tons of money. It also doesn’t mean a wall full of degrees, a dozen children, or non-profit foundation launched in your name. Success can be defined in only one way: Imagine your life five years from now if everything works out the way you’d like it to. That’s what success means to you, and that’s the only vision that matters. Ironically, this vision will probably change before the five years are over. When that happens, you’ll need to restart the clock. And then you’ll need to do this again, and then again, and then again, for the rest of your working life. If you enjoy this exercise at any given moment, congratulations! You’ve succeeded.

Take praise and criticism with a grain of salt.

You won’t get where you’re going if you hang your happiness on the approval of others. Your boss will criticize you on some days and praise you on others, and these moments of criticism and praise have much more to do with her and with the circumstances of the moment than with your actual value as an employee and as a person. The same rule applies to job offers and rejections. Don’t be confused or deterred by the responses and evaluations you receive from strangers. Just do the best you can.

Stay in motion.

Most of the time, when you ask happy middle-aged people how they got where they are in their lives and careers, they can’t precisely tell you. Many of their greatest moments and amazing opportunities came their way by chance, and they happened to be standing in the right place at the right time when the moment occurred. But here’s something on which most of them will agree: when the moment came, they weren’t sitting on the couch watching TV. They were doing something. Working, studying, trying, failing, playing, reading, meeting new people, exploring, doing chores, or even just digging a big hole in the ground for no apparent reason. But they were doing something. If you stay in motion, you help opportunity find you, and vice versa. Slow down, make wrong turns, and reverse when you need to…but don’t stop moving.

For help and guidance as you shape your career path, contact the staffing experts at PSU.


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Avoid Mixed Messages: Consistent Branding Can Attract Talented Candidates

March 7th, 2014

If you’re proud of your culture and you know that your company is a thriving, positive, and respectful place to work, then a strong workplace branding strategy can help you send that message out into the world. And when that happens, you’ll create an upward spiral: The best candidates will be motivated to apply, your applicant pool will widen, you’ll choose the most talented workers available, and they’ll come on board and make your culture even better than it already is. In order to get this ball rolling, try sending a brand message that’s not only positive, but consistent. Here’s how.

1. Keep it simple. You know how to create a value proposition—a core message that lets your customers know exactly why your product is right for them. So apply that same principle to your workplace. What do you have to offer your employees that no other company can? Specifically, what do you have to offer to your target demographic, the small, select group of employees that you want to attract the most?

2. Once you’ve simplified your message, find out where your target employees are most likely to see it. Do your ideal candidates spend much time on social media? Do they belong to a list of professional societies? Are they active in specific community service, tech geek, or political circles? Are they still in school, and if so, where?

3. Draft your post carefully and make sure everything about it—from language to tone to length—adheres closely to your core value proposition. For example, if you’re pitching your company as “fun”, don’t just state this in your post. Say it in a way that’s fun. Demonstrate the lighthearted, laid back style you claim to embrace.

4. Open every channel and turn over every stone. Make sure your company name appears in every relevant social media outlet and national job board. And enlist the help of recruiters who have extensive experience and wide social networks among your target audience. The specialized staffing teams at PSUcan help. Arrange a consultation today and benefit from our extensive connections and industry-specific expertise.

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