Preparing Your Team for Seasonal Demands

September 18th, 2017

Fall is here! Your summer hires have packed up and your fall hires are in place, you’ll already need to think about the next big challenge: the holiday season. If your business model involves any kind of seasonal element, or touches on industries that move through staffing cycles during the year (like tourism, travel, academia, construction, and even healthcare), you’ll need to be ready for each of these cycles as they arrive.

Prepare for your seasonal demands—the packed rush of the high season and the quiet lulls of the low—by engaging with a temporary staffing firm and taking on seasonal help. A staffing agency can help you fill your open positions in short order with high quality experts. Here’s how.

We hire employees so you don’t have to.

When we present you with candidates or likely matches for your open position, you can bring them onboard as quickly as you like. They’re already insured, tax reporting has been taken care of, and they’ve already been vetted and reviewed, because they’re already working— for us. During their contract period, your employees are our responsibility, not yours. So you just have to show them the ropes and welcome them to the team.

Goodbyes can be painful, but not when you work with temporary talent.

When the season ends, some of your goodbyes may be cheerful occasions. Students returning to school and employees leaving for other positions will be taken care of. But what about those who aren’t? An annual cycle of lay-offs can be upsetting for both parties, but when you no longer need your temporary workers, we simply assign them to other jobs. No worries.

If you want full time hires, we can do that.

After your contract period ends, you’re free to hire your temporary employees full time if you choose. In this fashion, both employer and employee can test-drive the relationship to see how well it works for each of you. If you get along and appreciate what the other has to offer, you can easily hire your temporary employee for a full-time, permanent role.

We can stay at your side as your business grows.

If you see no end to your seasonal hiring cycle and you know you’ll need to deal with this aspect of your business model over and over, year after year, form a trusting partnership with your staffing agency. We’ll be here for you at the start of every season, no matter what future brings.

For more on how to manage the ups and downs of a cyclical staffing model, turn to the Cleveland County staffing experts at PSU.

How Much Does Turnover Really Cost?

June 16th, 2017

Turnover is an expensive, disappointing hassle; there are no secret there. Every experienced manager knows that an employee tenure of less than one year translates to high cost and limited returns for the company. If your selection process is flawed, your onboarding strategy is off-putting, or your job descriptions don’t match the reality that your new hires face in the workplace, you’re likely to turn your company into a giant revolving door. If you think you can afford a few reckless mistakes now and then, add up the actual cost and find out for sure. Don’t forget to factor in these considerations.

Training costs

When you bring on a new employee, that employee probably won’t serve as a financial asset to the company right away. In fact, almost every position in every industry requires a ramp up period, or a period in which the new hire can only be expected to learn, listen, pick up skills and make educational mistakes. This period may last three days or three years, but as long as it’s still underway, the employee’s presence in the workplace can been seen as a liability, not an asset. You invest in your new team member by providing the training, patience, and damage control that new employees almost always need… at least until they learn the ropes. If the employee leaves before the ramp-up period is over, their tenure can be considered a cost, not a source of revenue.


Morale and attitude are contagious. Positive or negative, they spread from one employee to the next. So when one person on your team isn’t happy, others may start to feel the same way (and vice versa). When an employee heads for the door in search of something better, others follow suit. By the same token, a happy and loyal employee lifts morale, which boosts productivity.

Opportunity costs

When an employee leaves, the replacement process begins, and everyone involved in the sourcing, resume review, interview, and selection process begins shifting their attention toward this project and away from other things. If you add up the hourly salaries of all of the people who contribute to this effort, the price tag starts to rise. Simultaneously, the work they would otherwise be doing must be shifted to someone else or left undone during this time.

Administrative costs

After you account for the advertising fees and the general costs of recruiting and screening candidates, you’ll need to factor in transportation to interviews, fees associated with background checks, and fees associated with adding and removing employees from benefit and insurance plans.

When you estimate the total combined cost of each of these elements, you’ll better understand the scope and the stakes of your hiring decision. For more on how to complete this calculation, contact the Charlotte staffing experts at PSU.

Networking in 2016: Top Strategies to Stay Connected

May 5th, 2016

Technology may change, and the methods and formats we use to communicate may evolve rapidly, but the basic principles that support effective networking tend to remain the same. More than anything else, most people seek out friendly, familiar faces and voices. They feel a sense of pleasure and reward when they learn something new, and feel an equally strong sense of pleasure and reward when they share new information, teach something new, or help someone else accomplish a goal.

So what do these essential facts mean for your 2016 networking strategy? Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re communicating by text, email, phone, social media or face-to-face conversation.

Focus on others

When you’re trying to spark a conversation or keep an active dialogue open and in motion, don’t emphasize your own issues. Turn the spotlight toward the other person, and turn statements about yourself into questions about your companion. If you can’t think of a way to start your message or a way to break the ice, think for a minute about your audience. What does she do? What’s been happening in her life recently? What topics in the local and national news have probably had an impact on her daily routine?

Every touch can resonate

If you’d like to follow up with a recruiter or touch base with a potential contact, be proactive, and recognize that a little goes a long way. A short, polite one-line message or question might be enough to accomplish your goal; and if so, there’s no need for a five-page message or a constant stream of pushy, repetitive texts.

Feelings come through

People have an uncanny ability to sense when we’re trying to make a meaningful connection and when we’re transparently networking. So be nice. Don’t think of your intended connection as a career-building move, think of it as an opportunity to learn more about someone you admire or respect. The best networkers, ironically, are those who don’t network at all. They just enjoy the company of others and genuinely like making new friends.

Remember everything

When people tell you something about themselves or their companies, remember what they say. Pay special attention to needs, pain points, goals and desires. If they’re struggling with something, they want something or they’re facing a challenge, remember this fact. Even if you have nothing to offer at that moment, you never know when this might change.

Be thankful

The two most powerful words in your network-building toolkit are these: Thank you. Whenever you have a reason to thank someone, even the flimsiest reason, do so. There’s never anything wrong with showing gratitude and appreciation.

For more on how to build your connections and strengthen your relationships during this year—or any year—reach out to the Charlotte career management experts at PSU.

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