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Should You Stay or Should You Go? Recognize When it’s Time to Find a New Job

The decision to leave your workplace and head into the unknown in search of a new job will always be highly personal. You’re the only one who understands the complex fabric of your own life, and only you know how to find a comfortable balance between risk and reward, or between the dull security of your current job versus the possibility of something better waiting beyond the horizon.

Most of us envision our careers as an upward climb. As our experience grows, our skills increase, and our salary should increase as well. Rising money and prestige come with rising responsibility, and most of us stop climbing and level off when we’re no longer interested in taking on more responsibilities. At that point, our salary and titles are satisfactory and we usually enjoy our jobs, or at least find them tolerable. There are two common ways this smooth progression can become derailed.
If you encounter either of these, you’ll know the time has come to get moving.

1.    You may want to continue increasing your salary and level of responsibly, but your current company may be unable to help you. If there are no higher positions available in your firm, or if you’ve requested a justified promotion and been denied or passed over more than once, it’s time to leave. You have nothing to lose by reaching out for positions elsewhere, and if you stay, you’ll waste valuable time. Your skills may also stagnate and you may find yourself becoming resentful, which can be hard on your mental health and your workplace relationships.

2.    You need to leave if you’re unhappy. The measure of your happiness is entirely personal, but here’s a rule of thumb: Have you ever had an inner monologue in which you convince yourself that you’re happy and list every one of the reasons, point by point? Have you ever told yourself “I don’t love doing this every day, but I’m sure it’s good for my character. Plus, it’s better than no job at all. Plus, I should be grateful because I’m better off than I was ten years ago…etc.” If you have this conversation more than twice every day for a period of at least two weeks, then it’s time to apply for positions elsewhere. It may even be time for a completely new career. Change may seem daunting at first, but people do it every day. No matter where you decide to go or how you decide to get there, you need to leave. Better things are waiting.

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