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How to Hire and Discuss Salary Amid Rising Pay Rates

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic swept into our lives in the spring of 2020, the future of work has become a clouded crystal ball. Neither employees, nor employers, nor job seekers know for sure what opportunities or obstacles lie around...

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Top Manufacturing Certifications Necessary to Increase Pay

In order to impress potential employers and make sure your resume stands out in an overcrowded field, you’ll need to offer something other candidates can’t. For example, you’ll need specific skills, specific forms of experience, and the type of education...

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4 Advantages of Hiring Externally

When you set out in search of a new hire for an open position, you’ll need to make one key decision first: Should you promote or relocate an employee who already works for the company? Or should you cast your...

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Creating a Safety Checklist

Is your manufacturing facility a safe place to work? You may feel prepared to answer with an immediate “yes” if you don’t happen to have a questionable record of recent injuries and incidents. But a lack of incidents does NOT...

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The Rewards of a Job in Manufacturing

Should you explore a career in manufacturing? How about just a job, one that pays well, offers opportunities for growth, and provides benefits you might not expect? Here are a few reasons to add manufacturing companies to your list of...

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