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How Successful Companies Navigate the Hiring Process

All companies have a hiring process. Even if they only stay in business for a year before running themselves into the ground, struggling companies can still manage to secure employees, especially during a difficult economic cycle when the hiring balance tips in favor of employers. But just because a company can attract a few candidates and get them to sign on the dotted line doesn’t mean the candidates are a great match for their positions, and it certainly doesn’t mean the company is on the path to glory. Here are a few moves that tend to separate average organizations from truly successful ones when it comes to finding and securing top talent.

1. Great companies leverage their current teams.

If they’re satisfied and engaged, your current employees make the best possible brand ambassadors for your company. After all, who’s in a better position to explain what this company needs or what it’s really like to work here? Ideally, you’d like your current employees to love their jobs so much that they actively encourage their friends and family to apply. So in addition to managing them well, motivating them, and paying them fairly, incentive them to bring others on board with an appealing referral and bonus program. 

2. Great companies turn their websites into a gathering place for talented through leaders.

 You may have a “careers” tab on your website that lists current open positions and offers instructions on how to apply, and that’s a good start. But why not turn this section into an active community? Engage visitors by publishing regular updates with news, industry information, and commentary on hot button issues relevant to insiders. Encourage feedback and comments. Invite recognized voices to publish guest posts. Talented candidates who visit may not be in a position to apply for a job right away, but give them a reason to come back when they are.

3. Great companies take succession planning and pipeline building seriously.

The best possible hiring decisions take place when current employees are identified, groomed, and promoted to the next level as appropriate positions open up. But this kind of internal candidate cultivation doesn’t happen by itself. Real and effective pipeline building takes years of advanced planning and a well-structured training and mentoring system. The sooner you put this system in place, the better poised you’ll be to simply hire from within and sidestep the recruiting, screening, and interviewing process altogether.

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