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Five Things Job Seekers Want Most: Are These Part of Your Offer?

When you post your open positions and send your team of recruiters out into the world, you do everything you can to attract the best and brightest talent to your workplace. But do you really know what your talented candidates want most? And are you sure you’re including these items in your offers and making them a daily aspect of your workplace culture?

1. Money

Despite what the motivational posters tell us, it’s not morally essential to love your job so much that you’d do it for free. This is an insidious notion that harms both employers and employees when it’s taken too literally. Most people enjoy what they do to some extent, but that’s not why they do it. They do it in order to be paid, and if you can’t compensate them adequately for their time and sacrifices- not just their unit-per-hour productivity—you’ll eventually lose them. Research the marketplace and present new employees with a fair wage and standard insurance benefits. Hiring costs and high turnover are more expensive than simply offering your employees what they deserve.

2. Respect

The best way to earn respect is to give respect. It’s a simple old chestnut, but it’s often overlooked and ignored by frustrated employers who don’t understand why they can’t hold onto talented workers. Let your employees know that their efforts are vital to the success of the enterprise. Even when they do the bare minimum, thank them and show your appreciation. And when they excel, provide meaningful rewards.

3. Resources

Nothing frustrates and alienates employees more than the absence of the tools they need to do their jobs well. Affordable and accessible parking, functional copy machines, properly trained managers, and reliable software are all part of this package.

4. Open Communication

Of course you aren’t a mind reader. And when your employees need something, you can’t always be expected to provide it without being asked. The same hold true in reverse. So maintain an open door policy and make sure your managers have the all the skill and training they need regarding written and verbal communication.

5. A Clear Path to Success

Set clear goals for your employees, provide them with clear and actionable instructions, and when the time comes, do everything you can to help them take their careers to the next level. If you invest in them, they’ll invest in you.

For more on how to build your workplace reputation, attract the best employees, and hold onto them once they’re onboard, reach out to the NC staffing experts at PSU.