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Avoid Mixed Messages: Consistent Branding Can Attract Talented Candidates

If you’re proud of your culture and you know that your company is a thriving, positive, and respectful place to work, then a strong workplace branding strategy can help you send that message out into the world. And when that happens, you’ll create an upward spiral: The best candidates will be motivated to apply, your applicant pool will widen, you’ll choose the most talented workers available, and they’ll come on board and make your culture even better than it already is. In order to get this ball rolling, try sending a brand message that’s not only positive, but consistent. Here’s how.

1. Keep it simple. You know how to create a value proposition—a core message that lets your customers know exactly why your product is right for them. So apply that same principle to your workplace. What do you have to offer your employees that no other company can? Specifically, what do you have to offer to your target demographic, the small, select group of employees that you want to attract the most?

2. Once you’ve simplified your message, find out where your target employees are most likely to see it. Do your ideal candidates spend much time on social media? Do they belong to a list of professional societies? Are they active in specific community service, tech geek, or political circles? Are they still in school, and if so, where?

3. Draft your post carefully and make sure everything about it—from language to tone to length—adheres closely to your core value proposition. For example, if you’re pitching your company as “fun”, don’t just state this in your post. Say it in a way that’s fun. Demonstrate the lighthearted, laid back style you claim to embrace.

4. Open every channel and turn over every stone. Make sure your company name appears in every relevant social media outlet and national job board. And enlist the help of recruiters who have extensive experience and wide social networks among your target audience. The specialized staffing teams at PSUcan help. Arrange a consultation today and benefit from our extensive connections and industry-specific expertise.