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Supplementing Your Staff with Temporary Employees

There are several reasons why companies choose to take on temporary and contingent employees instead of hiring permanent, full time staff. And for each common situation, there are a few tips that hiring managers are wise to keep in mind. Whether you’re engaging in a complex transition, reshaping your workforce, or looking for support during a quick burst of activity that you expect to subside, temporary employees can offer a perfect, low-risk solution to your labor needs.

Staffing Transitions

You just lost a key member of your team, and the world won’t stop and wait while you launch a lengthy, meticulous search for a highly skilled replacement. But don’t worry; a recruiting firm can help you cover the gap with a capable, experienced employee on a temporary contract. And in the meantime, the same firm can help you publicize your open position and screen potential applicants.

Hiring Jitters

Maybe you’ve made some expensive hiring mistakes in the past. Or maybe during the recent economic downturn, you had to shrink the size of your workforce by letting loyal employees go. In either case, the experience can be traumatic and unpleasant. And now that you’re in a position of growth, you’re hesitant to take on permanent new team members who you may not be able to keep. The future is uncertain, and you’re looking for ways to manage your risk and grow your company at the same time. Temporary staffing contracts can easily become permanent if all goes well. If not, they keep risk and commitments to a minimum.

Temporary Labor Demand

Your busy season happens predictably during a few months out of the year (summer, the holidays, etc), and during this time, your business triples and you need extra hands to share the work and process a flood of orders. But when the season ends, your needs subside and your extra hands become idle hands. A temporary recruiting agency can help you deal with the overflow while keeping your expenses down and your business lean.

Project Assistance

You need to expand and consolidate your IT network after a recent merger. Or you need to implement a new back office management software system in a one-time, six-month operation. Or you need to clean out your warehouse and relocate inventory after a flood. Whatever you need, an experienced staffing agency can provide you with a ready team that can offer the specific, complex skill sets you’re looking for. Again, if you decide to take on some of your temporary employees on a permanent basis, you can. But if your needs drop when your project ends, the agency can accommodate you and also find new positions for your extra staff.

If any of the situations above describe your hiring needs, don’t wait. Contact the NC staffing and workforce specialists at PSU and arrange a consultation today.