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Should You Supplement Your Staff With Contract Workers?

You have an important new client with a high profile project that will begin during next few months and may strain every one of your existing resources to the limit. Or maybe your high season is about to begin, and if you’re reading the signs correctly, you know this will be a blockbuster year. Or maybe you’re about to launch a new software implementation, acquire a smaller company, expand into a new territory, or embark on a new product rollout.

You know that the future looks bright…but it also looks busy. Very busy. And you’re not sure your current staff has the bandwidth, energy, or stamina to face these challenges alone. Should you start hiring new full time employees? Or should you consider the benefits of contingency staffing? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Contingency Staffing Means Flexibility, Agility and Resilience

Hiring full time employees will involve a high level of commitment and no small amount of financial and practical risk. Sourcing, resume reviews, and interviews are all time consuming and expensive, and mistakes can send you all the way back to square one with nothing to show for your efforts. Contingency staffing, on the other hand, comes with minimal long term commitment and only as much risk as your company can handle. If you aren’t satisfied with your chosen candidates, you have the option not to extend their contracts. And if you and your temp employee are a mismatch, you can simply ask the staffing agency to send you someone else.

Contingency Staffing Means Minimal Legal and Payment Hassles

When you contract with a staffing agency, your workers are employed by the agency, not by you. Which means you don’t have to worry about taxes, insurance, or related paperwork. You simply describe your needs to the agency (or your recruiter), and welcome your chosen employee in the door on day one. Your financial agreement takes place with the agency instead of the employee, so one-on-one salary negotiations aren’t necessary.

Contingency Staffing Means Your Workplace Changes as Your Needs Change

Nobody makes money when there are too many idle employees milling around the workplace. And when a tiny skeleton crew is overloaded to the point of burnout and high turnover, nobody wins. Contingency staffing arrangements can help you avoid both of these possibilities—with independent and temporary contracts, your team is always the perfect size.

For more information on how contingency staffing can help you stay lean while facing the challenges ahead, contact the staffing and business management experts at PSU.