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Assessing Your Hiring Needs

You’ve been avoiding the issue long enough and now it’s time to face the truth: You need to start the hiring process. Your small company is growing, and as orders pile up, your talented, invaluable employees are becoming increasingly overworked. Right now, you’re still making money, but if any of your current team members are pushed to the breaking point and they decide to call it quits, you’ll be in over your head. So before that happens, you need to bring on some new hands.

But what exactly should you be looking for? You’ll need to determine the exact nature of the job (or jobs) you’d like to offer. And once you’ve done that, you’ll need to launch your search in the right direction and track down the specific credentials and personality traits you’re looking for. These considerations can help.

1. Enlist your current teams.

If they’re ready to share the workload, ask your current teams what they need the most. Ask for open ended feedback and encourage them to simply tell you how to make their jobs easier and their days more productive. In the meantime, solicit feedback about the kind of person (or people) they’d like to work with.

2. Research the marketplace.

It’s one thing to ask what you need, and it’s another thing to ask what you can afford. If you need accounting help, for example, are you willing to take on a fresh graduate and provide on-the-job training and experience? Or do you need a mid-level pro who can step in and take the wheel immediately? Keep in mind that the difference can have a staggering impact on your payroll budget.

3. Create a job description.

Exactly what will this new person need to contribute to the organization during her first month, her first year, and her first three years? What will she be doing each day and what responsibilities will she be expected to take on in due time? What problems will hopefully disappear when she arrives on the scene?

4. Target your search.

Before you publish your post and start collecting resumes, determine how best to approach your ideal candidate. Will you find on social media? Will you meet her at a networking event? Will she be a friend or family member referred by a current employee? Answer these questions before you launch your search.

For more on how to find the perfect employee teams for your small business, reach out to the staffing and business management experts at PSU.