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Working With a Staffing Agency: The Benefits of a Partnership

If you’re company is growing, but the future is still uncertain, how can you add hands to your team without making commitments you might not be able to keep? If you need to hire new team members but you just don’t have the time and resources to sift through a giant pool of resumes of your own, how can you get the qualified, experienced staffing help you need to cut this task down to size? And if you’re worried about a new candidate who may or may not have what it takes to stick with your company over the long term, how reduce risk and give both parties a way to exit the agreement if it doesn’t work out?

The answer to all three may be the same: Consider a partnership with a strategic staffing agency. Here are a few of the ways your company can benefit from the support of the PSU staffing team.

1. We offer the highest level of talent…

Our network is wide and our experience runs deep. During our decades of service to companies like yours, we’ve formed countless industry connections. We understand how your business works, and we know where to find and how to attract the kinds of candidates you need. We’re also great listeners; as you describe the details of your open position, we take careful notes and stay in close touch.

2. …With the lowest level of risk.

When we introduce you to the full or part time candidates you’d like to bring on board, we keep our own commitments high so yours can stay low. If you like your new team member and want to hire her full time, you can do so as soon as her contract period ends. If not, just let us know and we’ll send you someone else.

3. Reduce your administrative hassles.

Employees are paid by our agency, not by you. So you can leave the paperwork, insurance, tax reporting, and other hiring issues to us.

4. We know what to look for in a top notch employee.

We can support your selection process by providing the tests and background checks you need, and our first round screening interviews are carefully designed to catch red flags and signs of a highly successful hire.

Don’t tackle your hiring and staffing challenges alone. Contact the Belmont staffing experts at PSU and arrange a consultation today.