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Three Mistakes that Are Already On Your Resume

After all the time and effort you’ve invested in your resume, it may be impossible to believe this polished, beautiful document is anything less than perfect. Your best friend has had a chance to look it over, and so have your parents, and on all counts you received rave reviews. So you’re ready to roll, right? It’s time to attach this baby to your expertly written cover letter, click send, and move on.

…Or is it? Chances are, you still have a few errors hidden away in your text that you’ve been overlooking, and you’ll want to take care of these before you send your resume out into the world. Give your document one more review with these specific problems in mind.

There’s a typo in there.

There’s at least one typo in your perfect resume. Trust us. Your mission is to find it. Start by reviewing each line from the bottom of the page up and from the right side to the left. This will keep you from missing it yet again. Keep an especially close eye out for missing words and articles (like of, and, the, and or.) And watch out for contraction problems and other issues your spellchecker won’t catch. (For example, “its” versus “it’s”.)

There’s also a missed opportunity.

Flash forward into the future and imagine yourself sitting at your desk, suffering with pangs of regret because you somehow forgot to mention an important skill or accomplishment that would have impressed these specific employers. Now come back to the present and be glad that you still have time to insert this critical detail.

Find the confusing sentence/phrase.

Chances are, there is one phrase in your resume that you just can’t seem to smooth out, no matter how many times you rearrange the words. Everything you do to fix it just seems to make it more awkward and confusing. Well, here’s some news: it’s still in there, and it’s still awkward and confusing. Rewrite it, get help from a friend with strong writing skills, or take it out altogether.

Once you get these three final problems identified and sorted out, you’ll be on your way. Turn to the Gastonia job search professionals at PSU for more help and guidance as you work your way up the career ladder.