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How to Get the Best Out of your Employees in 2015

As a manager, you probably have plenty of experience with coaching and training models, and you probably know a thing or two about how to motivate, correct, teach, and inspire. You probably encourage your teams—and your managers—to set goals and find ways to follow through on long term plans. But are you applying these same tactics you your own goals and your own plans? Are you content with your current level of success, or are you ready to aim higher? How would you describe your New Year’s resolutions for 2015? If you’re still working on your vision for the year ahead, these suggestions might help.

Focus on leadership.

Set at least one goal related to leadership and your ability to direct and shape the success of those around you. Keep in mind that your own growth and your team’s growth are linked, so as you improve, so will they. Focus on any of several areas: example-setting, motivation, knowledge sharing and teaching, and fair, consistent rule enforcement.

Set goals related to innovation and change.

No system is perfect, and no person is perfect either. No matter how well the status quo works for you, if it isn’t changing, it isn’t growing. Examine every process and find ways to make bad things better and good things great.

Set goals related to workplace culture.

When honestly step back and examine your workplace culture, what do you see? Now think about what you’d like to see. How can blaze a trail from one to the other by the end of the year? Study your staffing plan and make an effort to hire the kinds of candidates that fit your vision. And once you have them on board, find ways to keep them…and find ways to cultivate the traits you want.

Fix problems and squeaky wheels.

You’ve been avoiding an issue because you just don’t like thinking about it or you aren’t sure how to deal with it. In 2015, stop doing this. Saddle up and charge those problems head-on, no matter what they are. (For example, a high-performing but toxic employee who needs to go, or an expensive safety issue that requires an innovative solution.)

For more on how to set clear goals for the year ahead and face them with everything you have, contact the experienced staffing professionals at PSU.