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Choose the Staffing Service that Meets Your Needs

Here at PSU, our experienced team of staffing experts can offer flexible services that can support the needs of your growing company. No matter what kind of help you’re looking for—long term, short term, small scale or large—we have the tools that can help you get ahead. Find the talent you need in a competitive marketplace while keeping your attention focused on your business. Here’s how we can help.

Temporary Hire

Are some of your key players taking vacations or leaves of absence that will require temporary fill-in support? Do you need a few extra pairs of hands to help your staff survive a sudden, short-term burst of orders or feverish peak in your annual business cycle? Use temporary staffing to stay lean and align your workload with your total headcount.

Temp to Hire

You may need candidates on a permanent basis, but why accept the risk involved in signing on with complete unknowns? Instead of making a long term commitment after a few short rounds of interviews, take on your new candidate on a probationary basis. If the relationship doesn’t work out, we’ll reassign the candidate and you’ll lose nothing. Again, staying lean and reducing risk can help you stay profitable and competitive in a tight marketplace.

Direct Hire

If you’re looking for a long term candidate and you want access to the best talent available, we can help. We’ll tap into our wide network of industry contacts and find the new employee you’re looking for, whatever it takes. Our sophisticated souring and screening tools can help us find the most qualified candidates in the area, whether they’re employed or not. When we present you with a potential new employee, you know you’re getting only the best.

Planned Staffing

Turn a fixed expense into a variable one by placing your trust in PSU. Let us help you look down the road ahead and make a long term staffing plan that can keep your hiring program lean and agile. If you know what lies ahead—and you have an experienced team of staffing experts at your side—you can anticipate the peaks and valleys of your business cycle and you’ll never have idle hands in your workplace.


If you need regular expertise and high volume staffing services, let us come to you. We can provide on- site management and coordination that you can rely on for day to day support. Arrange a consultation to find out if this service is right for you.


Let us hire your employee so you don’t have to! We’ll take on the hassle and headaches associated with payroll, reporting, withdraws, and insurance. But you’ll reap the benefits. Contact PSU today to learn more about the staffing solutions we offer to businesses just like yours.