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Why It’s Important to Build a Relationship with a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can be a great resource when it’s time to attract, vet, and hire new employees for your team or business. But the very best benefits that come from partnering with a staffing agency appear over the long term. A simple phone call or short contract can help you move past an immediate hiring or staffing challenges, but forming an enduring relationship with your agency can bring huge benefits that compound over time.

Here’s how.

We can provide the best support when we fully understand what you need.

Over time, your staffing experts will come to understand the deeper values of your company and business model—even the ones that are hard to put into words. After pairing you with one or two candidates who thrive in your workplace, we’ll get a sense of what you’re looking for, how your business works, and how to match you with candidates you’ll be most excited to meet. But after we pair you with 20, 30, or 50 successful candidates, our relationship will truly hit its stride.

We also like to know what you DON’T want.

Some companies are exclusively searching for employees on a temp-to-hire basis, which means they need temps who would rather not be temps, and who are willing and able to commit to the long term. Some employers want temps who are happy to stay for a few months before shifting to other commitments. Some employers have seasonal needs. Some have needs that change with market conditions. Let us work with you for a while so we can start glancing up the road and offering meaningful long-term planning support.

Candidate selection is an art and a science.

Do you prefer to offer candidates one interview or several? Do you rely on evidence-based skill tests? Do you prefer to ask for samples or references from previous jobs, or would you rather glean what you can from resume reviews? Do you rely on in-depth background checks to protect your company and reputation? Which candidate qualifications are must-haves, which are nice-to-haves, and which candidates will you reject immediately after a phone screening? Are your salary offers fixed or negotiable?

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