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3 Ways Staffing Agencies Offer Businesses Flexible Workforces

Business needs are ever-changing. With businesses taking on multiple projects in varying locations (remote, hybrid, or in-office), the need for a flexible workforce is greater than ever. Ebbs and flows of busy seasons require more employees at certain times of the year. Many managers and business owners are seeking cost-effective employee management solutions. If this sounds like you, in today’s post, we will discuss three ways staffing agencies offer businesses flexible workforces.

Temporary or Temp to Hire Employees

Staffing agencies like PSU have spent considerable time building a pipeline of qualified candidates. These candidates are often searching for flexible work and know that staffing agencies can offer them options they may not receive at a traditional full-time job. This scenario becomes a win-win for employers who need additional staffing, but don’t want to hire someone permanently. Hiring a temp allows you to hire additional help without the long-term commitment or needing to pay full-time benefits. This is especially helpful when you only need an employee for a specific amount of time. Additionally, temp-to-hire situations give you and the employee a trial period before hiring them full-time. The trial period is an excellent cushion for you and the potential hire to evaluate if this is the right fit.

Contract Employees

Contract employees are another way that staffing agencies can offer businesses flexible workforces. If your business needs specific skills for a project or extra hands for a short period of time, contractors are a great alternative. Contracted employees are usually paid via 1099, meaning they pay their own taxes, but you still receive the benefits of their expertise. They often have an outside perspective to offer and can help with creative ideas or specialized knowledge. Their contracts can also be long or short-term. Furthermore, there is often greater flexibility as either party can decide to extend or end the contract.

Faster, Easier, More Effective

Working with a staffing agency saves time as it greatly reduces the time to hire. Employment firms like PSU come to the table with candidates who are looking for a match. In the long run, it also saves money as alternative staffing solutions can cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Retention for positions is increased as both the employer and employee explore the working relationship. Staffing agencies connect you with employees you may not otherwise find and vet them for you before they begin working. PSU takes the headache out of HR and allows you to begin on a great note with whatever type of staffing solution you decide on.

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