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Investing in Growth: Staffing Firms and Career Development

Upskilling is an essential part of career development in today’s market. According to a news release by Udemy, 2022 saw a 49% increase in hours spent learning technical skills. Even if you’ve been in your industry for a long time, continuing education keeps your resume fresh and attracts new employers. From LinkedIn learning classes to online cohorts, there are many ways to grow in your position. If you’ve been considering a new job, changing fields, or simply want to sharpen your skills, a staffing firm can help.

Consider these reasons to reach out to staffing firms for your career development needs.

Gaining Experience

If you are new to the job market or returning after a hiatus you may not be sure where to start. PSU can help! Developing your career could mean starting out with a temp job to find your footing. This is a great way to add experience to your resume and to network with managers who can give you a reference in the future. PSU offers positions in several industries like administration, IT, and manufacturing. Taking a step toward your ideal career at times means learning from mentors. Many of the employers we work with are willing to train the right candidate! We can also coach you on where to connect with like-minded professionals who are already in your desired field.

Training Programs

Secondly, PSU can point you to training programs. With the rise of new job features like technology and the use of AI continuing education has become more important than ever for job seekers. Locally owned and operated, PSU has spent years cultivating relationships and industry-specific programs to bring you the best resources possible. Our recruiters are skilled at job matching and able to help you capitalize on your strengths by sharpening your skillset. Additionally, if you have a specific role in mind PSU can aid you in your continuing education journey. Completing programs in your industry communicates to future employers that you take your job seriously and are willing to learn. From certifications to general information, we provide a variety of resources strategically picked to help you succeed.

Professional Development

The job search process can be daunting. At PSU our recruiters are here every step of the way. We offer advice on resume writing and interview skills to help you understand what employers are looking for. If you have questions about a particular industry, our recruiters can help you understand the advantages and challenges of various positions. Added support may be the confidence booster you need to reach for next level in your career. Our team is skilled at helping job seekers just like you. We help bring you creative solutions and highlight areas of growth, preparing you with the necessary training to thrive.

Ready to Accelerate Your Career?

These are just a few of the ways staffing firms like PSU can boost your career development. We currently have openings in Shelby, Forest City, Lake Lure, King Mountain, and more! Check our available positions which are regularly updated with tons of great opportunities. Our application process is incredibly quick and easy. Your new career is an email away. Contact one of our offices located in Shelby, Gastonia, and Forest City for more information!