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Want to Raise Your Bottom Line? Work with a Staffing Company

Raising your bottom line has never been easier when you work with a staffing company. You may wonder how staffing agencies can save time, stress, and resources. Employers know that today’s job market is crowded. A high demand for skilled labor makes it even more challenging.

PSU is here to help you stand out and bring on top-tier candidates.

Time to Hire

One of the most stressful and money-draining elements of recruiting is how long it takes to find the time fit. In many cases, it can take several weeks. Increased time to hire means productivity is lost. This also creates an additional burden on current employees. Instead of spending hours posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and holding interviews, PSU connects you with people looking for positions. We decrease the time to hire, reducing the financial burden of openings.

Staffing Solutions

Working with a staffing agency puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you options. While you may be interested in hiring full-time, you may be interested in hiring part-time or on a contract basis. In an uncertain economy, employment firms give you finance-friendly options. Additionally, staffing companies allow you to plan ahead. If you know a busy season is coming up, connecting with a recruiter can help you fill in the gaps. This includes maternity leaves, military leaves, and holidays your current employees need. Furthermore, working with a staffing agency buys you time to find the right person, eliminating hurry. Furthermore, PSU helps you source candidates. According to, in 2022 7 in 10 employers said they received too few applications. We’ve built connections with employees ahead of time, taking care of sourcing for you.

Hiring Well (The First Time)

One of the most cost-effective recruiting strategies is hiring well. Our recruiters thoroughly vet clients. We can provide background checks, fitment tests, and employee verifications so you have a better idea of who you are hiring. When you take your time and hire the right fit, turnover decreases. Working with PSU allows us to do both: hire fast and hire well. We are so confident we can help you hire a top-tier candidate; we even offer a guarantee.

PSU’s Guarantee for You!

Our commitment to employers is our top priority. We offer an 8-hour guarantee on staffing placements and a 30-day guarantee for direct hires. PSU offers you value while lessening your risk.

Our Staffing Company, Your Bottom Line

If you are thinking about hiring in 2024, PSU has cultivated a strong pipeline for you! We have spent years finding ways to reach and source high quality candidates for businesses just like you! Don’t start from scratch. Let us help you put money back in your pocket. Contact one of our offices in Gastonia, NC; Forest City, NC; and Shelby, NC today!