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PSU Staffing Services

When you choose PSU, you’re partnering with one of the premier staffing providers in Western North Carolina.  We’ve been providing staffing services to the region for more than 30 years, and we are a locally-owned, community-oriented organization. Experience why PSU has been such a success…Experience, Stability, Quality and Value!

Founded on principles of ethical business and superior service, PSU provides:

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing offers you a flexible approach to managing your staff levels. This solution allows you to match your workforce to your workload–decreasing overhead costs while still having access to talent when you need it. From last-minute fill ins and vacation replacements, to staffing for projects and even covering positions between full-time hires, temporary staffing provides you with the flexibility to staff up when needed, without increasing your regular employee headcount.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Try out new employees on the job before making a full-time hiring commitment. Our temp-to-hire program gives you a probationary period to evaluate new hires and ensure the right fit between the candidate and your firm–drastically reducing the chance of a bad hire.

Direct Hire

Leave the time-consuming task of hiring new full-time staff to PSU.  We’ll source qualified candidates from our extensive network, complete the interview process and present you with only the most qualified candidates. We are also able to recruit candidates who are currently employed. We have access to the most-qualified professionals available!

Planned Staffing

Today’s “Just in Time” and “Lean Manufacturing” philosophies have put increasing pressure on organizations to have flexible workforces. PSU will work with you to anticipate the peaks and valleys of your workflow, providing supplemental coverage when you need it. This solution is the ultimate tool to turn a traditionally fixed expense into a variable one!


For high-volume staffing users, this option provides on-site management and coordination of your staffing function. To discover more about this service and whether it’s right for your organization, please contact
our offices.


This solution allows you to continue to manage the recruiting and screening, but outsource the headaches of being an employer.  PSU can assume the liability of being the employer of record and take care of all associated tasks, including payroll processing, payroll taxes, unemployment management, workers’ compensation and more.

Let PSU develop a customized solution for your business.
Contact your nearest PSU office today to get started.

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