I Have Plenty of Applicants. Why Do I Need a Staffing Firm?

July 20th, 2012

If recruiting represents your only hiring challenge, and you have a long line of applicants winding out the door for every available position in your company, than you may not need a staffing firm at all. But for most companies, recruiting represents only one small component of the hiring process.

Even after you’ve gathered a pile of applications, you still need to make sure that the right candidates are matched to the right positions. Hiring can be expensive, and every new employee represents a significant investment in terms of financial capital, time, and opportunity costs. Choosing the wrong candidate can be a damaging mistake, especially if it means letting a great one get away.

Expert staffing firms will screen, test, interview and conduct background checks on each of your applicants, which can save resources and provide you with peace of mind. When you outsource these tasks to professionals, you know they’ll be completed correctly and thoroughly.

A good staffing firm can help you narrow your applicant pool by screening inappropriate candidates through phone interviews or in-person meetings. A great staffing firm hires experienced pros who can make decisions based on subtle indicators, targeted questions, and behavioral cues.

The right staffing firm can generate testing material to measure your applicants’ existing skill sets and other indicators of success.

Staffing firms can perform your first round of interviews, simplifying your final selection process and leaving you to decide among only the best matches and most highly qualified finalists.

Background Checks
The background check is an often overlooked, but vital component of the staffing process. Candidates who seem pleasant and highly educated often step through the door without a background check when hiring managers are too busy for thorough due diligence. A stitch in time saves nine, and a comprehensive background check can prevent expensive problems down the road.

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Use Staffing Services to Increase the Productivity of Your Workforce

May 8th, 2012

How can a staffing firm raise your productivity? What can a team of staffing experts add to your recruiting process that you couldn’t do on your own? And how can a staffing firm take a finely tuned, well managed HR process and make it even more effective? Employers all over the country are asking these questions, especially those who are facing tight budgets and thinly stretched resources.

Staffing firms are a clear choice when it comes to complex recruiting. Most employers know that a wide net can bring in a broader and potentially more qualified pool of applicants, and established staffing firms can reach out to job seekers in ways that lend support to almost any recruiting plan. But you may not realize how much a staffing firm can also add to your hiring, screening and training efforts, which can strengthen your overall productivity and bolster your bottom line. Consider the following ways that a staffing firm can contribute to your HR workflow.


A professional staffing firm can review your first round of candidates and conduct initial phone screenings so you don’t have to. First round screening and phone interviews can be time consuming, tedious and expensive. To get around this process, you can narrow your initial applicant pool. But here’s a better idea: Outsource this necessary chore to a qualified firm staffed by trained experts who know how to identify positive traits and red flags in first round candidates.

Testing and Background Checks

Once your final candidates are notified, a high quality staffing firm can move forward with necessary testing that can further lift your hiring burden and reduce your risk. Appropriate testing methods rely on volumes of data paired with an understanding of the requirements of the position and the needs of your company. Criminal background checks and drug screenings can help you further whittle away your options to find the perfect candidate, helping you cut costs and add talent to your team.

Training Services

But hiring and recruiting aren’t the only ways a great staffing firm can lift your bottom line. Safety and conduct training are a must in almost every workplace, and an evaluation of your overall training needs may reveal the benefits of handing some or all of the process over to professionals. Save on your investment in materials, preparation, money and time, and find out how our researched training strategies can increase retention and boost productivity.

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