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Seven Steps to Ensure the Retention of Top Performers

You may be convinced that your staffing and retention strategy is above reproach. But if that’s the case, why are you still losing your top performers? Talented candidates don’t line up at the door every day, even during a job market tipped in favor of employers. When you have a miracle worker on your team, you need to pull out every stop to keep her from drifting away as soon as your competitors make a better offer. Try these seven tested moves.

Hold Onto Your Most Talented Employees: Seven Steps

1. Pay them. Don’t nickel and dime the engines that drive your company forward. Skimping on employee salaries may raise profits by a notch and impress your shareholders, but think in terms of the long run. How easy will it be to impress them after your best employees leave?

2. Engage. You expect your employees to stay awake, invested, and tuned into the larger picture. You expect them to stay focused on what works for the company and turn away from what doesn’t work. So make sure you give your employees the same respect. Watch them, make note of their growth, respect their long term career plans, and keep an eye out for ways to help them move forward.

3. Show gratitude. At every turn, you should be looking for reasons to thank your employees and offer praise. If you can’t find reasons to do this, it’s because you aren’t looking hard enough.

4. Tackle problems at the source. If your best employees appear to be struggling, or they otherwise appear disengaged or unhappy, don’t wait for a small problem to balloon into a surprise resignation letter. Approach the employee in question and be direct. Find out if you need to provide more resources, offer a promotion, or arrange a transfer.

5. Face conflict head on. The same rule applies to managing interpersonal problems. If a great employee can’t seem to work well with his new manager, or vice versa, don’t hesitate to ask questions and offer solutions. Keep an open door policy and encourage your HR team to do the same.

6. Check in frequently. The only people who truly know what your employees need in order to excel at the their jobs are the employees themselves. So ask them. Go to the source to find out more about the tools and training that might help them move forward.

7. Listen carefully. Take all employee complaints and suggestions seriously. If a small inexpensive perk or policy change might have an impact on employee satisfaction, you’ll need to hear about it, and this will only happen if you keep your ears open.

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