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Proven Ways to Attract more Followers

Tracking follower counts usually involves fairly simple math, and with a wide enough study sample and careful controls, it isn’t too difficult or expensive to initiate your own marketing science. Try some experiments and see what kinds of changes lead to a spike interest in your blog or social media feed. Or better yet, learn from those who have already done this. Careful studies seem to reveal five steps, above all others, that can have a positive impact on your follower counts. Try some of these moves if you haven’t already.

1. Let readers see your face.

Post a picture of yourself or your team on your site. If you publish the work of guest bloggers, ask your guests for pictures to accompany their articles. Readers have more confidence in written material if they can see the face of the person who’s presenting this information or offering this advice.

2. Avoid self-reference.

It may seem like a good idea to constantly refer back to your own experience or the product you’re trying to sell, but it’s actually better to avoid this. Statements tend to carry more impact if they have significance beyond the life of the speaker or narrator. And nobody trusts an article or blog that reads like a sales pitch. So whenever possible, remove yourself, your company, and your product from a message that only involves these things indirectly. 
3. Don’t keep talking back.

When visitors comment on your blog or feed, it’s okay to answer. But when you find yourself answering all the time, or engaging in long conversations instead of posting, slow down. The reasons for this aren’t entirely clear, but follower counts seem to rise as responses drop.

4. If you’re an authority, make this clear.

Readers are likely to trust you more if you if you have some credentials to back up your assertions. If you’re posting health information and you have an MD, make sure your visitors know this. The top five identifications that lead to increased follower counts are: Official, Founder, Speaker, Expert, Guru and Author.

5. Keep your statements, tone, and implications positive.

Gloomy Guses and Debbie Downers don’t tend to attract legions of fans. No matter what you choose to talk about, keep your messages upbeat. You can get a little grey and serious now and then, but the overall tone and register of your feed should be high.

For help with all forms of social media outreach and online message shaping, reach out to an experienced digital marketing firm or an individual expert. The NC staffing professionals at PSU can help. Let us connect you to the talent you need to expand your footprint and drive your business forward.