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Liberate Your Hiring Process

In management, as in life, a little flexibility can go a long way. Having the freedom, knowledge, and experience to break some of your own rules now and then can help steer you away from rigid paths that simply aren’t producing results and aren’t attracting the talented candidates you need. Try a few moves like the ones below to help you target your sources, screen for the skills you need (not the ones you think you need), and choose candidates who will stay on board for the long term.

1. Use a little science. Start by keeping accurate records of the hiring process for each new employee. Then you can compare these records one, two, and three years down the road. What kinds of questions did you ask in each of these interviews and what were the long term results? Where did you publish the job posts that attracted your best employees? And how were these posts worded?

2. Test your own rules. Try working non-traditional, quirky, and behavior based questions into your interview process. Stay respectful and don’t ask questions that bait or demean your candidates, but do your best to open the door to unstructured conversation.

3. If you really like a candidate who possesses a rare skill set that can drive your company forward, try looking past small deal breakers. For example, if the candidate has a minor criminal past, but has now paid his debt to society and is on a better path, consider keeping an open mind.

4. Encourage candidates to self-select. This can make your hiring process much easier, and it requires only a few minor tweaks to your sourcing and screening process. Be honest and upfront, for example, if you suspect this job will involve challenges or obstacles the candidate may not like.

5. Add more cooks to the soup. Try to bring more than one manager into the room during interviews, and before each resume is dismissed after a first round review, have at least two pairs of eyes look it over. More opinions and perspectives can often reduce errors in judgment.

For more guidance with your selection and screening process, and for tips that can help you elevate the level of your applicant pool, contact the NC staffing experts at PSU.