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The Most Popular Blogs of 2013

It’s been a great year here at Personnel Services Unlimited! Over the last twelve months, we’ve helped countless candidates land positions and launch their careers in targeted industries, and we’ve also helped employers find perfect candidates for long term, short term, highly skilled, and hard-to-staff positions. Along the way, we’ve stayed a step ahead of a constantly evolving marketplace, and as we do every year, we’ve learned plenty of real life lessons about business management and the job search. Here are some of the most popular messages we’ve passed along to our clients, candidates, and website visitors.

Productivity Secrets

How do the most productive people tackle the workday? As it turns out, there are clear sets of recognizable behavior patterns among those who tend to cross everything off their daily to-do lists with plenty of time to spare for their friends, family, and personal interests. How can you learn from their example and get more out of your day, your week, and your life? Try the tips from this article!

Job Interview Preparation Tips

The night before an important job interview can be one of the most tense and sleepless nights in a person’s entire life. Interview preparation is valuable, of course, and it’s never a bad idea to prepare your answers beforehand and practice your “elevator pitch” until you know every word by heart. But no amount of practice will do the trick if you let your nerves get the best of you and you stumble into your interview on zero sleep. Here are a few ways to hit the off switch and enjoy eight hours of pleasant dreams before you get up and (hopefully!) step into the next chapter of your working life.

Attendance Issues in the Workplace

You love your employees, and obviously your company wouldn’t be where it is without their hard work, training, and dedication. But even the best employees sometimes have an off day or a late start. And even the best managers sometimes struggle with company-wide attendance problems. Attendance issues start with culture, and culture starts with incentives, open communication, and of course, smart hiring practices. If you’re having trouble getting your employees to show up on time, start meetings on schedule, and stay in the office until the work is done, these tips can help.

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