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Want to Cut Your Hiring Costs? Streamline the Process with a Staffing Partner

Hiring is expensive; there’s not much argument on this point. Even if your workflows are tightly streamlined and your sourcing and selection practices are lean and perfectly coordinated, and even if you never experience a single HR bottleneck, you still take on a certain degree of risk every time you staff an open position. Meeting with a pool of candidates can take time, and there are a few things more expensive and heartbreaking then finding the candidate of your dreams and watching them walk out the door a few months later.

But if you partner with a trusted staffing agency, you can reduce your risk and cut your hiring costs at the same time. Here’s how.


Here at PSU, our staffing experts have a long track record of hiring success and a wide network of contacts in your industry. So we know where to find the best candidates, and we know how to attract and recruit the highest level of talent. In fact, your ideal candidate may be sitting in our office right now. We go right to the source when we search for talented experts in IT, healthcare, finance, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.


When we present you with a candidate for a full-time, part-time, or temporary position, you can trust that we’ve done some homework first. Our screening process allows us to narrow the focus and target only the most likely contenders with backgrounds that match your specifications.

Risk Management

When you launch a relationship with a temporary employee, you don’t have to worry about long term commitment; if the two of you form a thriving connection and decide to make things permanent, you can hire the employee as soon as his or her contract period ends. If the match doesn’t work, that’s fine. We’ll provide a replacement right away. We employ the candidate during the contract period, so we take on both the paperwork and the risk.

Listening Skills

Put your trust in our team and we’ll listen carefully to every detail regarding your needs, your business model, your target clients, your growth plans, and—most important—your staffing expectations. We’ll find the candidates you’re looking for and we’ll stay alert to your concerns and red flags. We’ll incorporate every detail into our sourcing and prescreening process.

Hiring Costs

When it comes to tax reporting, insurance, and HR details, we take care of the nuts and bolts so you don’t have to. This can help you cut costs and save time. Let us handle the staffing details while you keep your attention focused on running your business.

To find out more about the benefits of a staffing partnership, turn to the experts at PSU. Contact our experienced Charlotte recruiters today!

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