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Five Benefits of Temporary Employment

If you’re looking for work and your job search is starting to tax your patience and overstay its welcome, it might be time to make some adjustments to your strategy. While you lean on your network, scour job boards, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, consider adding a new angle to your approach: temporary employment. Taking on a temp job while you search for a permanent position can provide some benefits you may not have considered.

A temp job pays the bills…and more.

A temp job might seem like a distraction or diversion from your long term career path, but take a closer look. If you’re able to pay the bills while you search, you’ll gain a little more freedom and flexibility, and you’ll put some distance between yourself and the kind of desperation that pushes us to accept compromise. Holding a temp job means you aren’t forced or rushed and you can say no to any offer that doesn’t meet your standards.

Temp jobs aren’t what they used to be.

If the phrase “temp” makes you think of college kids filing papers for minimum wage or filling out a typing pool, think again. Modern temp jobs often involve very specific skill sets related to coding, programming, design, engineering, management, and a host of other complex credentials that may be a match for your profile. Temporary paychecks may also exceed your expectations.

Temp jobs often become full time.

When you accept a temporary position, you expose yourself to new relationships, new experiences, new business models and new skill sets. And you never know where these new experiences may take you. If you and your employer decide to advance your relationship to the next level, you can move into a full time role as soon as your contract period ends.

Temp jobs bring low commitment and low risk.

If you step into a temporary role and you decide that this gig isn’t for you, have a conversation with your staffing agency contact and we’ll shift you to a new employer. It’s just that easy. The agency will provide the company with a replacement and transfer you to a new assignment.

Temp jobs bring knowledge and growth.

No matter who you meet or what responsibilities you take on during your temporary assignment, you’ll come away from the experience knowing more about your industry than you did when you began. You’ll have new personal connections in your network and you’ll have new details to add to your resume. Close the gap between the end of your last position and the beginning of your next full time job, and you’ll be more likely to earn the trust of potential employers.

For more on how to keep your career in motion with a temporary position, contact the experienced Belmont staffing team at PSU.

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