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Working with a Staffing Company in 2022

With all the recent talk of the “Great Resignation”, you might think the streets are flooded with job seekers who have impulsively abandoned their last workplace and are now looking for a new one before their rent comes due. Shouldn’t job shifting workers be eagerly seeking out new employers at this point and lining up for new opportunities? Maybe, but for hiring managers, the landscape isn’t getting easier. Finding and retaining good workers is just as difficult as ever…in fact more so, since workers leaving their jobs are doing so in search of better positions, not lateral moves. But don’t worry! Your staffing partners are here to help. Here’s how.

Workforce Planning

Your staffing team can help you take care of the needs you have now, but we can also help you look down the road and figure out where you’ll need to be in one year, or three, or five. We can help you align your company’s staffing goals with needs that may shift based on seasonal demands or looming changes within your industry.

Wage/Benefit Research and Comparisons

How much should you offer for each open position? How should you balance direct compensation with benefits or perks? And how can you set your offer low enough to protect your margins but high enough to grab great candidates before your competitors get them first? There’s an art and a science to this process, but we have the experience and the data to clear away the mystery and produce clear answers.

Creating Position Descriptions

Your candidates need to know what will be expected of them on the job, and they also need to know what they stand to gain by applying. Position descriptions should present the company in a positive light, but they should also be accurate, realistic, and meaningful.

Identifying Ideal Candidate Profiles

To excel in your company’s open position, your candidate will need to possess certain traits and qualifications. Introverted or extroverted, leader or follower, advanced degree or high school diploma, one year of experience or ten? We can help you answer these questions and launch your search in the right direction.

Proactive Recruiting

You may have a position or several that aren’t open now but will be in a few months or a year. We can start planting the seeds of the recruiting process so you—and your future candidates—will be ready when the time comes.

Candidate Vetting

If you have a stack of fifty resumes and need to whittle it down to ten interviews and three final contenders, we can help you move through the process with speed and accuracy, so you don’t waste time or let great contenders get away. While we do this, we’ll be pitching the value of your company to the best available talent so they’ll be more likely to accept when you make an offer. For more on how get the help you need with all of these tasks and more, contact the experts at PSU.