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Want More Flexibility in Your Work? Try Temping!

Studies show that right now, workers value time and flexible working conditions almost as much—and sometimes more—than salary considerations. If you’re a job seeker who fits this description and you’re looking for a position that you can incorporate into a busy life full of personal responsibilities and unpredictable time demands, we may have a solution for you: temping! Temporary positions usually open up as employers increase and decrease staff in waves that correspond with seasonal demand. Temporary positions can also become available if employers don’t plan to maintain a facility in a given location for very long, if they’re doing work for a short-term client, or if they need to hire a substitute for a worker who’s on leave. If you need work right now, but aren’t interested in committing to a long term contract or an indefinite arrangement, you and a short term employer may make a perfect match. Here are a few reasons to consider this type of partnership.

Temporary doesn’t ALWAYS mean temporary.

If you can’t make a long-term commitment right now, that’s fine. Some employers are happy to have you onboard for a few weeks or months, and are open to a full time arrangement at the end of that period if you’d be willing to consider it down the road. Both of you can view the situation as a test drive, and if things go well, you can change plans when the time comes to do so.

Temporary jobs allow you to take one day at a time.

With a temporary job, you don’t have to “pay your dues” now in exchange for (potentially empty) promises later. Instead of scrambling to please bosses who may or may not offer you raises or promotions in the future, you can come to work, do your job, and get paid. End of story.

Temporary jobs provide a wider range of experience.

A six-month position can introduce you to a new industry or company in which you can explore without putting down roots. Do you thrive best in a production landscape? How about marketing? Or sales? Or customer service? The best way to find out is to step into multiple roles, learn what you can in each one, and gain experience that can build your resume and help you understand where your career should take you.

Temporary work lets you stay in control of your own responsibilities.

A staffing company can pair you with a temporary employer and help you shift to another situation when and if your schedule changes. This can be especially helpful if your day is shaped by the demands of caring for family members, your health requirements, or just your personal preferences.

For more on how to find a temporary role that fits your needs and schedule, turn to the staffing team at PSU.