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Need to Hire? Speed Wins!

If you need to hire a candidate for a crucial position in your company, you’re probably facing a timeline that’s already pretty tight. Factor in the additional difficulty of finding a great candidate in a very competitive market, and you’ll need to build in at least a few extra days or weeks in case your chosen hire gets swept away by another offer. In other words, if you need your new hire to walk in the door 30 days from today, you better get moving… yesterday.

Here are few ways to speed up the process and get things done to keep your business in motion.

Don’t make candidates wait around.

In this job market, if you make a great candidate wait by the phone, you’ll lose them. That means you’ll need to analyze information and make faster decisions based on fewer data points. Instead of three interviews with long waits in between, you’ll need to get the information you need for your decision in one interview session, and you’ll need to ask questions that get right to the point. A staffing company can help you choose high value questions and meaningful qualifications so you can learn more about your candidate in less time.

Do your homework.

In the old days, employers expected candidates to show up to the interview with extensive research under their belts. Candidates were expected to know what the company did, how the role functioned, what to expect in terms of salary, and how to explain why they were a fit for the job. Now, employers are on the hook in the same way. Greet your interviewee already knowing what a candidate with his/her qualifications expects in compensation, what they’ve done in the past, what they want to do now, and how you can best make use of their skills. Read their resume beforehand to glean what you can, and don’t fool around with lowball offers. You’ll save your time and theirs.

Get Some Help With PSU

Gone are the days when you could just post your offer in the want ads or a local online job site and vet candidate applications yourself. You can still do this, but your process will be much slower, and there’s a chance you’ll make mistakes or miss red flags or golden opportunities that a staffing expert can help you catch.

In the end, the small cost of staffing support can help you save big in the long run. Staffing pros can cast a wider net, attract more and better resumes, and vet candidates with a greater level of speed and accuracy that you may be able to do on your own. You have a business to run. Leave this task to a seasoned pro. Start by reaching out to the experts at Personnel Services Unlimited today.