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Three Things to Consider When Job Seeking in 2022

There is no question that the past few years have changed the landscape of the job market. 

With financial shifts in the economy and employment rates, you may be considering changing careers or jobs. While job hopping too often can hurt your resume, changing companies can create new opportunities and help you avoid professional stagnation. Here are a few timeless principles to consider before you make the leap. 

1. Company Culture 

Culture is a buzzword that you may find endless information about online. 

Plenty of companies claim to have a particular kind of culture (family-like, relaxed, hard-working–to name a few), but sometimes reality can be a different story. This is crucial information to have as you consider changing jobs. Things like turnover rate, team environment in the warehouse, supervisor’s management style, and past employee reviews give you insight into what it is actually like to work there every day.

Working with Personnel Services Unlimited gives you the added benefit of having a recruiter. Recruiters have often forged long-term relationships with managers within companies and can give you insider information on the way key decision-makers manage employees and how they decide who has long-term potential within their organization. 

2. The Right Wages Based On the Job Market

As a job seeker, it’s important to know what salary range you are looking for before seeking a new job. One thing that every job seeker should do is get a good sense of the current job market. If employers are in need of strong candidates, like they are in the current market, you will be in an advantageous position and will have some bargaining room.

If you have started searching online, you know that employers often don’t post this information. This can lead to awkward conversations during an interview and may cause you to waste time applying for jobs that don’t meet your criteria. Working with a recruiter from will ensure that you are provided the information you need to make the most informed decision. A recruiter can also aid you in negotiating the salary you deserve right off the bat. 

3. Career Goals 

You may feel stuck in your current position or have a desire to grow past what your current position is offering. Whether you are new to the job market or have years of experience, career planning is an important step to consider. Are you looking for mentorship or for an opportunity to learn more about an industry? Are you hoping to move into a management position as a next step? Are you starting from ground zero and needing work experience? Our staffing agency can help you map out a plan for your career and help you achieve your desired outcome. 

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