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Soft Skills to Look for in Today’s Prospective Employees

As an employer, you know that your main goal when recruiting new team members is to find employees that perform well. When hiring for a manual labor position or entry-level office job, it can be tempting to overlook qualities that are not as obvious on paper, but that makes for a great hire long-term.

We’ve listed three skills to help you find the right person to bring value to your overall company culture. 

1. Interpersonal Skills 

Interpersonal skills are a crucial element to look for when you want to find employees that have the potential for longevity and eventually even promotion. How respectful is the prospect that you are interviewing? Are they able to handle conflict if they don’t see eye to eye with a supervisor or other employee? Have they worked on a team before?

Almost every position will require your employees to collaborate on some level. The wrong fit can hinder workflow and even lower the morale of satisfied current employees. 

2. Resilience 

Another ingredient of a great employee is resilience. While this may seem inconsequential, it is the foundation from which your employee will be working. An employee who can stay positive and maintain their determination even during busy seasons or unexpected changes will help boost morale and help the team deliver results.

Work can come with challenges and curve balls, but resilient performers know how to manage stress and bounce back. Recruiters at staffing agencies often have several conversations with a candidate, giving them a chance to observe and report to you the demeanor of a prospect and determine if they will be an asset to the overall working environment. 

3. Leadership  

Perhaps the most important item on the list is leadership. Leadership boils down to the ability to inspire others to do their best. This is often done through example. You may be hiring for a temporary or ground floor position, but a person who is hungry to learn with leadership qualities can quickly grow into a long-term employee or even into management.

Leadership skills include organization, consistency, a desire to learn about other positions, being able to deliver results, and knowing how to prioritize. Employees who are leaders will treat even entry-level positions as a potential to add value to the company. 

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