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How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Your Next Opportunity

Whether you are beginning your job search or you have been job hunting for months, you know how frustrating it can be to try to find a position that meets your needs. Because many factors determine if a job will be a great fit (like culture, pay, and benefits), working with an agency can help save you time and money. Working with staffing services can be like having a lighthouse in a sea of job postings, bringing you clarity as you search. Below we discuss a few practical ways that employment staffing services can aid you in finding your next opportunity quickly and effectively. 

1. Experience 

Staffing agencies are staffed with HR professionals that read hundreds of resumes every week. The staff is trained to look at your qualifications and match you with a job that meets your level of skill, without the guesswork. An evaluation of your resume and experience by a recruiter can allow you to stretch beyond what you were aiming for as they negotiate a higher salary or find new opportunities for you in a field you may not have considered. Having someone with experience on your side can help you map out your career path long-term and improve your resume so you get the best results every time you apply. 

2. Established Relationships 

Recruiters at staffing agencies have already taken the time to build rapport with the companies they represent. This means that when you go in for your interview, the hiring manager is more likely to trust the endorsement of a recruiter that they know and have worked with in the past. Working with an agency keeps you a step ahead of other jobseekers as the agency advocates for you and stays in direct contact with key decision-makers. This can also mean faster real-time feedback on how your interview went and the likely hood of being hired. 

3. More Opportunities  

If an initial interview doesn’t work out, working with an employment services agency allows you to have a larger pool of options. Instead of spending time searching for another position alone, a recruiter can send you leads as they come in giving you more jobs to choose from and significantly reducing the time from interview to hire. PSU works with several top employers and hires for everything from manufacturing jobs to administrative positions. Our hiring process is outlined on our site to give you a more in-depth look at the path we provide each candidate from start to finish.

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