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3 Quality Jobs That Require Little to No Experience

If you are just starting out in the job search, it can feel overwhelming to see that many jobs require experience. The good news is that there are several jobs out that don’t require any experience whatsoever! They also have a reasonable starting hourly rate and many of them provide room for growth.

Let’s take a look at a few jobs that don’t require experience: 

       1. Manufacturing Positions 

Manufacturing positions are ideal for someone who is recently starting out. On-the-job training is available and they are often part of a large network of locations. This provides flexibility if you are new to the area or decide down the road that you would like to transfer. They also offer multiple shifts, allowing you to pick the one that best works for you. The jobs often range from working in assembly to operating equipment on the factory floor. 

      2. Packing 

Another job that could be a great fit if are new to the job market is packing and shipping positions. As a packer you would pack inventory into boxes for shipping, making sure all of the items are accurate. This role may also require data entry which can be a helpful skill to gain for other positions. Additionally, this will give you an overview of the best practices that are often used in this department as you move forward with other jobs. Like manufacturing roles, there is usually flexibility in the shifts that are offered. 

        3. Food Service 

If you’re passionate about good food you may enjoy a job in the food service industry. This can include being part of the wait staff or even preparing food. Prepping jobs may require a food certificate which can be earned by passing an exam. The schedules are usually flexible and depending on the position you may receive additional pay near holidays. 

Interested In Starting Today? 

Great! PSU has job openings in each category. Check out our list and ask a recruiter which would be the best for the level of experience you have. With temp jobs, you can always try it out and decide if it’s a good fit for you. Recruiters will also provide insight into job and company information, writing your resume, and the interview process. Don’t be intimidated, you can find a position at nearly any level of experience! Give our office a call today for positions located in Shelby, Gastonia, Forest City, Kings Mountain, and the Dallas area!