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Why Loyalty Is More Important Than Ever for Career Advancement

While company loyalty was seen as a positive character trait in employees for years, it has now essentially become a thing of the past. With more and more jobs becoming available and the opportunity to work remotely, people have more options than ever.

Despite of all this, it may be the perfect time to remain loyal to a company and climb ladder from within.

In this post, we will discuss why loyalty is more important than ever for career advancement.

      1. Rarity

Loyalty has become a rare commodity in today’s job market. Turnover is expensive for employers. This means that they are looking for people who will stay with them for the long haul. Loyal employees are honest, look out for the company, and want to invest long-term. As resigning and job hopping become more popular, employees who stay with a company are highly desirable.

     2. Seniority

Companies often promote people who have shown loyalty to the company by staying long-term. This isn’t always the case, but the longer you stay the more your benefits can build. PTO builds up over time. Employees who have been at their job longer have an edge in communication, knowledge of how the company works, and experience. While transitioning can sometimes mean a difference in pay, it also can take months to become accustomed to a new job. Staying with one company allows you to build long relationships over time.

     3. Long-Term Strategy

Going from job to job can be a red flag for employers. Even if you want a different job eventually staying with one company for a period of time can build your resume. Additionally, if you are unhappy with your current position, that could be fixable. Changing jobs without communicating with your supervisor about what you are looking for could be premature. While some situations call for a shift, other times communicating with a supervisor can open the door for new ideas, a new position, or the changes you want to see. Rather than reactively looking for a new job, think strategically. Think about where you want to go. Will a job change actually foster that? If not, consider what you can do to invest in your current position and grow where you are.

      4. Stability

Finally, being loyal to your company creates stability. This stability is great for your employer as it shows that you can be depended on. Consistency builds your track record over time. This type of reliability can follow you with positive references if the time comes. While a new opportunity may be enticing, the truth is sometimes the grass really is greener where you water it. Staying with a job can mean greater financial stability and less stress from transition. Stability is something recruiters and employers alike will look for.

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