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Why You Need to Show Up for the Interview

Let’s say you’re applying for jobs and sending your application to many different companies. Odds are that a few of the jobs may not be what you’re looking for upon further examination. While you’ve realized you may not be completely interested in this particular role, there are a few reasons to complete the interview anyway.

Listed below are a few reasons why you need to show up for the job interview.

     1. Track Record

It almost goes without saying that your track record of integrity will follow you. If you ghost an employer during the interview process you could be blacklisted.  This means the employer will no longer consider you for positions down the road. At any point, your employment could change. Part of professionalism is not burning bridges, but maintaining respect and integrity. Acting as a professional will leave a good taste in the mouths of those you work with or would have worked with. On the other hand, not keeping your commitment can make other employers concerned about wanting to hire you. This brings us to our next point.

      2. Word of Mouth

Secondly, employers talk. Recruiters also talk. If you become known as someone who doesn’t show up to interviews or disappears during the process, you will only affect your career in the long run. You may think doing this one company won’t matter, but with social media, people could be more connected than you know. This can hurt your chances of getting hired in other places. Additionally, people who are influential in the hiring process (recruiters, hiring managers, etc.), may be less likely to want to work with you. If you show up or call to explain that you are taking another job elsewhere, everyone involved in the process can respect your communication.

     3. Practice

Beyond how it affects your current situation, showing up when you say you will is a way to practice leadership. Employees who exemplify leadership skills are often the ones who are promoted. Showing up or at least communicating why you are no longer interested gives you practice in communication. Also, if you haven’t landed another position yet going to interviews (even ones you are less interested in) can be great practice. Practicing communication can build your confidence for the future. According to a recent article from Forbes, employees who engaged with their co-workers and team were 17% more productive than other employees. Any time you can practice engaging with others and presenting, use the opportunity to hone your skills, especially with managers and supervisors.

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