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Top 3 Ways a Staffing Agency Saves You Money

In today’s post, we will cover the top 3 ways a staffing agency saves you money. Every manager knows the hiring process can costly. Not in terms of money, but also because of time which can affect the bottom line. Make a plan at the beginning of 2023 for your staffing needs and start your year off ahead of the game and on target with your annual budget.

How Staffing Agencies Can Boost Your Bottom Line

1. Cuts Down on Time to Hire

One of the most costly parts of hiring is the time it takes from productivity. Trying to create a pipeline of quality candidates can be time-consuming and weeding through resumes and interviews even more so. Staffing agencies allow you to access top candidates that have already been vetted. Recruiters screen candidates ahead of time to make sure they have the right qualifications and strong references before that first interview. What would take you several months can be cut down to weeks or even days when you work with a recruiting firm. Outsourcing is cost-effective.

2. Helps with Retention

Hiring is about finding a candidate who stays. Recruiting firms decrease turnover by helping you hire the right person the first time. A staffing firm will also help you narrow down exactly what you need in an ideal candidate. Because recruiters work with job seekers all day, they are keen to spot resumes and people with the right skills. Finding someone who is a good fit is an investment that will pay you dividends. Don’t make yourself do the guesswork, save money in the long run and hire a professional. You can hire a temp employee and gauge their performance. At the end of their assignment or contract, you can hire them or move to a different candidate.

3. Access to Top, Low-Risk Talent

It’s not always easy to find a candidate that has the expertise you need. Hiring a temp allows you to bring on an expert in a specific area without having to hire someone full-time. Temporary employees usually don’t require benefits and can even fill in for full-time employees to avoid paying overtime. Hiring a temp allows you to bring in job seekers who may have a lot of experience, but have been out of the workforce or need something flexible. This gives you both the flexibility to create a position or hours that work for both of you, as needed. In addition, with a looming recession, temporary staffing is a smart way to cut costs overall when there is a potential for budget cuts.

Looking to Hire?

Now that you know the top 3 ways a staffing agency saves you money, maybe you’re ready to give us a call! We’d love to hear from you. PSU has received glowing reviews from multiple employers. It’s our business to help your business hire the right people in a quick, efficient, and headache-free way. Whether your needs are full-time, part-time, or contract, contact us today! Start the new year with the staff you need to hit all of your 2023 goals!