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Theodore Roosevelt & The Importance of Hard Work

The importance of hard work is a time-tested principle of success. Theodore Roosevelt was an expert on the subject.

He once said, “far and away, the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Hard work isn’t just rewarding. In an age of quiet quitting, it’s a way to stand out. While working hard might seem like a thing of the past, it could be one of the best career decisions you make.

Hard Work Means Taking Initiative

If you ever read the story of Theodore Roosevelt, you will find this element of hard work: initiative. Having initiative is the element that causes you to go above and beyond. He exceeded not only his presidential duties, but had an array of extracurricular activities like reading, writing books, boxing, horse riding and other strenuous activities. This work ethic led him to expand his horizons and push his limits. Just look at his daily schedule. The fact is, he worked hard because he understood that hard work pays off. Leaders are those who understand that work is an expression of self. When you work hard, even taking on tasks others won’t, you gain uncommon experience. The importance of hard work is that allows you to build new skills.

Hard Work Is a Commodity

The old adage, “any job worth doing is worth doing right” still stands. It’s no secret that the importance of hard work has been somewhat lost in today’s society. While more and more people look for ways to work less, the looming recession is causing some managers to evaluate their workforce. While loyalty wanes, managers return to Teddy’s time-tested principle of evaluating work ethics. If you are a hard worker, perhaps even more so than before, you may be more likely to not only get promoted but to keep your job. Going the extra mile isn’t always an inoculation for layoffs.  However, if you work hard, a manager will be more likely to give you a great recommendation if you need it down the road.

Hard Work Builds Trust

Hard work stands the test of time in any role, president or laborer. However, hard work doesn’t only build trust with your employer, it builds trust with yourself. In fact, setting and achieving goals can build your sense of self-trust.

Perhaps, the greatest gift of hard work is the internal satisfaction that Teddy’s quote refers to. When you work hard, you find out what you are capable of. Working hard means investing in yourself, increasing your knowledge and skill, and being consistent. All of these things are what you will take with you wherever you work. Use your current position to cultivate the principle of hard work and skill and new opportunities will follow.

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