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Attract New Talent Today & Beat the Labor Shortage!

Are you ready to attract new talent today?

The labor shortage has caused many employers to rush the hiring process. While companies desperately search for skilled labor, this sometimes means quick hiring turns to bad hiring.

All of this can be avoided. If you’re hoping to upgrade your team, a staffing agency can put you ahead of the curve while other employers continue their search. Let’s unpack why PSU should be your go-to source for finding the most skilled and dependable candidates.

1. The Cost of a Bad Hire

The US Department of Labor estimates that the monetary cost of the wrong hire is roughly 30% of the person’s annual salary in their first year. For a position that pays $60,000, that’s $18,000.

Hiring the wrong person can also create problems within the team dynamic or decreased productivity. In the long run, this can create uncomfortable conversations. Not to mention the cost of turnover or having to start again from square one.

While hiring fast may seem like instant relief, hiring smart is about solving a staffing need with longevity.

2. The Speed of Staffing Agencies

At PSU, we understand that you have immediate staffing needs. That’s why we have spent years cultivating our pipeline of qualified candidates.

You don’t have to panic in a shortage when you know where to get supply. When you call our office, our recruiters immediately begin working on finding you the right person, starting with the resumes we already have.

Starting from scratch may mean that your time to hire takes months. Using PSU allows you to fast-forward the initial steps. It gives you access to our well-rounded network of vetted talent.

3. The Accuracy of Staffing Agencies

The main goal of hiring is to find someone who will be successful in the role for the long haul.

When a candidate applies for a position, their resume can only tell you so much, and rushed interviews mean details can be overlooked.

Not with PSU. Our recruiters are trained to vet, dig for detail, and analyze data to find you the best fit. Our expert staffing professionals spend time getting to know candidates and learning their backgrounds. We can quickly tell who will be a great match and which potential hires would be better suited elsewhere. Our experience provides a layer of protection, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

4. The Rapport of a Recruiter

Every employer knows that in order to attract new talent, you need relational equity. When there is a labor shortage, you need a competitive advantage. Having a hands-on recruiter means you have someone in your corner, building rapport with potential hires. For some candidates, this can be a deciding factor.

Similar to employers, employees want to know they can rely on the information they are being given. Candidates are looking for the right job for themselves. Recruiters can be on both sides of the conversation, gaining valuable insight and building rapport when candidates are in moments of decision.

Ready to Make the Call?

Even if you’re in a hurry to hire, you can attract top talent today! Look at the results PSU has provided employers just like you! We provide staffing for temp roles, direct hires, and beyond. Contact us today!