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The Hidden Job Market: Staffing Firms Connect Candidates with Unadvertised Opportunities

You have probably heard of traditional sourcing when it comes to hiring. However, there is a hidden job market in today’s world. Beyond posting on major sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or local sources, many opportunities aren’t advertised. If you’re looking for a job you’re probably wondering how you can tap into this world. We’re here to help you do just that.

Let’s explore how a staffing firm can help you find your next job that may not be listed anywhere else.

What is the hidden job market?

The Washington Post defines the hidden job market simply as the high percentage of jobs that are never advertised but are filled by internal candidates and referrals. For every company you see there could be a number of jobs that management knows are open, but aren’t ever planning on posting. It could even be that your dream job or dream company is hiring, but you don’t know it. This is actually great news in your job search. Even if you don’t see a lot of jobs in your field, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there. A staffing firm can help you uncover these “hidden positions”.

Why the hidden market is advantageous

Not only does the hidden job market mean that there are more jobs available, but it also means that there is less competition. When a company doesn’t post, it usually means the pool of candidates is purposely kept small. This hiring strategy is usually done because an employer wants the peace of mind of hiring someone they know. In the hidden job market world, connections are everything.

Relationships Matter

Knowing someone internally helps you stand out. Remember the last time you met someone and they mentioned a mutual friend? It instantly caused you to feel more connected with the person. While networking can help, it can also be a long process. From Linkedin messages to networking events, it may take time to get in touch with key decision-makers. This is where a staffing partner comes in. We have these relationships built in and will have you connected to decision makers from day one.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help

PSU has spent years cultivating relationships with top employers in Charlotte, NC.  We’ve done the hard work of connecting with people to open doors for you. Our recruiters are constantly receiving information on positions and are tasked with helping companies hire fast. We not only receive requests to fill jobs that aren’t advertised but we also receive exclusive job offers and information when companies first start their search. Working with a staffing partner helps you stay in the know before other job seekers so you have the first chance at great opportunities. We expedite and accelerate your job search giving you access to jobs you may not have even realized existed.

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