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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Assist In Your Upcoming Job Search

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a trending topic of late, and one that can be a powerful tool for job seekers. Perhaps you’ve heard of tools like Jasper or ChatGPT (an AI chatbox with human-like responses written in Python) as ways to improve the lives of marketers and business owners with editing and tracking capabilities. But did you know these tools can also help you in your job search?

Here are a few ways AI can help you land your ideal role faster.

AI Resume Writing & Editing

If you are starting from scratch or want to customize your resume, AI can help. Rezi is a popular site often used by job seekers to write, edit, format, and optimize their resumes. Most online applications are run through a company’s ATS (application tracking system) which tracks keywords. This means resumes with certain words are more likely to get noticed. Similar to optimization on a website, AI adds these words and even customizes your resume to fit the job description. The drawback is that sometimes AI written material sounds like AI. Many writers use AI as a tool to create a skeleton outline and then fill in details independently. Additionally, AI can help you craft your cover letter.

AI LinkedIn Profile Writing

If you primarily use LinkedIn, can help. Employers who are searching for candidates search LinkedIn for keywords. An AI rewrite optimizes your profile so you appear in more searches. Your headshot is the first thing employers see on social media. A professional picture can help you stand out on all platforms. Tools like LightX allow you to upload a picture and then customize it with a background that will provide contrast and professionalism. It’s also free to use.

Job Matching & Negotiation

Thirdly, AI helps job seekers by providing job matching. Pyjama Jobs allows you to upload your resume and then it searches for openings to match you with jobs that you qualify for. Talentprise, another job matching site, even offers assessments to showcase your areas of expertise to potential employers. When you do hear back from an employer, Payscale allows you to negotiate your salary based on market standards. It also provides insight into the cost of living if you are relocating and how certain positions usually progress in pay.

Job Tracking

Not only can AI help match you with the right jobs, but it can also track your progress for you. AI-driven sites like Teal allow you to track your applications as you apply by creating a clean, user-friendly spreadsheet for you. Its extension to Google Chrome allows you to save jobs you are interested in while you search. Teal also tracks contact information when you hear back from employers and has automated email templates for follow-ups like thank you emails after the interview.

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