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No College Degree? Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

Not having a college degree has historically been seen as a barrier to entering the job market, but not for skilled trades. Fortunately, skilled trade positions can be learned. Working in a skilled trade can mean making great money while avoiding taking on the debt of student loans.

Here are four reasons to consider skilled trades.

Compepitive Pay

No degree doesn’t have to mean little pay. Skilled trades usually start around $19+ an hour and go up from there depending on your level of expertise. They also generally include benefits like 401 K matching, health insurance,  and paid time off. According to ResumeBuilder, one-third of college graduates are in a job that requires no degree. ResumeBuilder also reports that 8 in 10 college grads had difficulty finding a job. Not so with skilled trade positions!

Plenty of Available Positions

Positions that require skilled trades are in high demand. While other industries worry about a lack of openings, most cities have openings for skilled trade workers. This provides a lot of flexibility if you are considering moving at some point. Larger companies may also have availability in other states, making transferring possible. Take a look at the jobs PSU has available immediately.

Opportunity for On-the-Job Training

Another reason to consider the skilled trade industry is the training involved. If you have no experience, many companies offer training or mentorship programs. On-the-job training can be much easier if you are a hands-on learner than classroom learning. If you want to expand your skill set, local colleges often offer programs that allow you to become certified or earn an associate’s rather than studying for the full degree. With the flexibility of many skilled trade positions, you can earn certifications and credentials as you work, allowing you to graduate with little debt.

It’s Crucial for the Nation

Finally, skilled trade positions are vital to America. From construction to manufacturing and beyond, these jobs play a crucial role in America’s way of life. The Industrial Revolution began the long history of skilled trade in the United States. Making products in America provides jobs to citizens and supports stateside businesses. These roles have provided the opportunity for Americans from all backgrounds and levels of education to succeed in the workforce.

No degree, but considering a skilled trade position? PSU can help!

Our recruiters have spent years building relationships with top employers. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we can help you find the right fit in North Carolina! Our recruiters will listen to your career goals and can help put you on the path to success. Give our Shelby, NC office a call today!