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Need Workers More Than Ever? Work With a Staffing Partner Today

If you need workers, a staffing partner might be your missing ingredient. In fact, adding to your workforce could be a key to economic growth. While it might feel unnerving to hire during talks of a looming recession, the data suggests otherwise.

Let’s look at why now is the right time to hire workers and how a staffing partner can help.

Growth in Your Business

Especially if you are in the manufacturing industry,  you are probably already aware of how the current labor shortage has impacted staffing. For some companies, the thought of a looming recession has slowed hiring and even caused layoffs. However, according to Labor Economist Ron Hetrick, “our economy is dramatically underproducing the amount of GDP we need for our growing population (up over 5M people since 2020.)”. GDP means gross domestic product and measures the amount of goods and services in a country. In simple terms, Ron’s post explains that the GDP has steadily grown, but the lack of laborers hinders the economy from growing further. He notes that though the US has been in a recession-like place, the growth potential is there as (despite the pandemic) people have more money to spend on goods, especially those who took advantage of the low interest rates in 2022.

This is exciting news for businesses!

How Manufacturing Has Been Impacted

Despite this good news, manufacturing took a big hit in the labor shortage. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, as of March 2023, there were 693,000 manufacturing jobs open. This means stiff competition for employers. For every position you post, there are thousands more just like it.

Here’s How a Staffing Partner Can Help:

1. Staffing Partners Add a Personal Touch

When you work with a staffing partner, you have a recruiter advocating for your company. Rather than a job seeker sending in an online application with no follow-up, a staffing recruiter personally connects with potential hires. This means that talent is likely to stay engaged throughout the hiring process. Recruiters also educate job seekers on the benefits of working with employers like you, helping them decide when they have multiple offers and options.

2. Staffing Partners Hire Fast

If you desperately need workers, staffing partners significantly reduce the time of the hiring process. At PSU, we have laid the groundwork by constantly recruiting top talent. We give you the edge by helping you cut to the chase when time is of the essence. Our skilled recruiters know what to look for, helping you avoid the stress of leafing through resumes and multiple interviews. We give you access to a large pool of job seekers right away.

3. Trusted Resource

PSU has been thriving in the staffing industry since 1981. During the life of our business, we have placed over 50,000 candidates. Our committed team has caused PSU to become one of North Carolina’s premier staffing agencies. From employers to job seekers, our experience helps us deliver excellent matches.

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