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Why Light Industrial Workers are Needed More than Ever

In today’s world, light industrial workers are needed more than ever. According to, by 2030, there are expected to be 2.1 unfulfilled jobs due to the lack of skilled labor.

In a competitive landscape, many employers have found it necessary to consider changing their recruitment strategies. Here are a few reasons why light industrial workers are needed more than ever and how PSU can help you stay ahead.

Massive Labor Shortage

The labor shortage is due to a few factors. As discussed in our most recent blog, there is currently an aging population of workers and a lack of Gen Z and Millennial workers entering the skilled trade sector. This factor alone has created a gap in the workforce in terms of skill level and in replenishing the light industrial workforce. The demand for production has also increased since COVID-19 with higher levels of spending and ordering. With some of the supply chain issues behind the US for now, ordering hard goods, increased construction ordering of construction materials, and the need for skilled labor has risen.

Temp Workers Ease Economic Uncertainty

The uncertainty of the economy, wars overseas, and other factors have caused some employers to hesitate to hire more workers full-time. Light industrial temporary workers can help solve this issue. Hiring temp workers allows manufacturing businesses to hire as needed when it is needed. During upticks in demand, temporary workers can fill in. This allows employers to fulfill needs without the financial burden and commitment of a full-time employee. Temporary workers also give newer employees a chance to try a new job before they commit to the company. Strong onboarding helps temporary employees feel at home and build relationships if employers decide to bring temporary workers on full-time.

Adjusting Workflow

Wages for light industrial workers increased in the last few years. To stay competitive, it is crucial for employers to adjust. A benefits and salary analysis will help companies attract and retain talent by comparing their current salaries to local companies. Additionally, as technology develops, automation will increase as a long-term strategy for the light industrial industry. The use of AI and hiring workers who understand technology will likely change the landscape of how goods are produced. Companies must update their systems and pivot in the skills they require to stay current. Finally, today’s employees crave flexibility. Things like shift sharing, four-day work weeks, and flexible scheduling are all benefits to consider offering as employers close the labor gaps.

Why PSU is the Right Partner for You

PSU thoroughly vets each candidate, requiring multiple references. We do the heavy lifting to ensure that we find the best fit for your company. We offer an eight-hour guarantee for our temporary staff placements and a 30-day guarantee for direct hires. Our veteran team understands the challenges of recruiting in the light industrial space. Let us help you find qualified candidates quickly and easily. Contact our offices in Shelby, Forest City, or Gastonia, NC today!