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The Impact AI Will Have on Workers in 2024

There is no doubt that AI will continue to change things for workers in 2024. Many workers may be concerned that AI will replace their jobs altogether. However, it is possible that as it is upgraded, AI will begin to integrate into how people work. Let’s discuss a few of the changes we may begin to see in the coming year.

Employers Requiring AI Skills

As AI becomes part of everyday jobs, employers will look for employees who know how to utilize AI to streamline processes. As we saw this year, creative jobs like marketing and graphic design are already partnering with AI, gleaning ideas and allowing AI to do some of the work. This trend of using AI will expand further in the tech space, helping automate responding to and identifying internal issues, cybersecurity threats and more.

As AI moves forward, employers will be looking for workers who are open to learning how to extract the benefits of AI for streamlining and innovation. Employers may also begin to offer courses on how to implement and use AI. Upskilling in the knowledge of how to work with AI will help open doors for job seekers.

AI Laws

AI is advancing at an unbelievably fast rate. So fast, that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reported his concern and called for more government regulation. As users interact with programs like Chat GPT, AI learns. While AI needs new input or it could begin to recycle information, AI currently has a genius-level IQ. Because of this, the heated discussion will likely continue. What regulations should be in place as AI develops? How safe is it to integrate and teach AI in our work and everyday lives?  How far is too far? Though it shows no sign of slowing, these are all questions that will arise with the increase of AI in the workplace and at home.

Will It Affect Job-seeking?

Additionally, AI will be used to help vet candidate information, but also as a tool for job seekers. Already AI can generate professional photos and write a resume. While AI content still needs to be edited and rewritten, it can help generate ideas and aid in resume formatting.

AI can also aggregate data and send applications for candidates. From job matching to hunting, workers are already using AI to update their LinkedIn accounts and develop their presence online. HR professionals may also rely more heavily on automated AI processes to match candidates and asses data.

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