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5 Ways to Improve Employee Well-being This Holiday Season

According to a survey by Delloite, less than two-thirds of workers say their physical and mental well-being are “excellent” or “good” (63% and 58%, respectively). Nearly half (52%) reported feeling “stressed”. As the weather changes, many employees may experience a dip in their Vitamin D, adding to the stress of the holiday season. In this post, we will discuss what you can do to support employee well-being this season.

Offer Anonymous Surveys

As a C-suite leader, it can be easy to assume you know what employees need, but you may not always be aware. An anonymous survey can offer you feedback on how to strengthen your wellness plan. Ask open-ended questions and allow employees to respond. Tailoring your plan around actual feedback instead of guessing can help you meet them where they are.

Offer Support

In addition to surveys, one-on-one meetings allow employees to give feedback. Scheduling regular meetings with employees allows them the opportunity to ask questions. It is also a way of troubleshooting issues before they get out of hand. When employees know they are supported in the workplace they are less likely to feel overwhelmed. They also notice when employers are interested in their careers rather than just their current job. Supporting them well can increase retention and reduce burnout.

Offer Wellness Benefits

For many employees, therapy can be an essential component of mental health. Look into offering insurance plans that allow employees to see professional counselors. If offering this is not an option, consider implementing an EPA (Employee Assistance Program). Employee Assistance Programs allow employees access to private counselors to discuss life or work-related issues. These counselors can offer referrals to resource employees in their wellness or search for a local therapist.

Encouraging Connectedness

Winter is a time when employees often feel less engaged in their work.  Now is a great time of year to give back through a charity. Coming together for a common cause helps employees feel like they are part of something greater than themselves. You can also encourage connection by adding fun to meetings and taking time to appreciate the wins of 2023. Look for ways to encourage employees in what went well this year.


While this point may feel obvious, many families could be facing financial strain. Consider how you can reward employees for great work with end of the year bonuses to help them during the holidays. If monetary rewards are not feasible, consider giving employees an extra day off or time to celebrate with loved ones. These seemingly small investments will pay dividends in the long run. Think of creative ways you can ease the burden of your employee’s finances and schedules.

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This season can also be busy for employers as employees often schedule vacation and time off. Whether you need a temporary employee to fill in the gaps or a are looking for a permanent hire, we’re here to help. PSU vets all of our applicants, helping you find the best fit. Contact us for more information!