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Why Your Online Presence Is Important When Applying for Jobs & How to Clean It Up

Your online presence is something that employers are likely to look at when you are applying for a new position. In a CareerBuilder Survey, over 50% of employers found something on a candidate’s profile that caused them to veto hiring them.

Here are three ways to clean up your online presence, making you hire-ready.

Change Account/Privacy Settings

You may want to distinguish your professional life and personal life online. Change your account settings on your personal account to private so they cannot be viewed by people you don’t know. Having an account on a platform LinkedIn helps you maintain a presence where the focus is on professionalism. You may or may not want your future employer to see old photos of you from college or pictures from your last vacation. If you don’t want to restrict access to your profile altogether, you can also limit the audience only to certain posts on sites like Facebook. Whether you choose to have private or personal profiles, always remember–whatever you post can still resurface or be screenshotted.

 Edit Content On Profiles

Go through old posts and read each one through the eyes of a future employer. Did you write something that doesn’t represent who you are as a professional or something you would be embarrassed for them to read? Many people have. However, you can delete old posts, un-tag yourself in pictures, and start fresh. Editing your profile to match who you are in your professional life gives your social media congruence. In addition, be aware of your profile picture. Profile pictures on sites like LinkedIn should look professional. Wearing office-appropriate attire presents a clean, polished look. Make your first impression count.

 Use It to Your Advantage

Finally, consider using social media to your advantage. If you have industry-specific knowledge, post about it on LinkedIn. Use your profile as a way to connect with others in your field. Join a group and take advantage of free webinars. Save posts related to job seeking and find established sources that produce quality content to help you as you search.

As with most things, social media is what you make of it. It can either be something that attracts future employers to you or repels them. It’s up to you and the way you choose to use it. Think of your profile as a piece of your resume and plan accordingly.

Looking for a New Position?

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