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5 Easy Ways to Drive Candidate Traffic to Your Site

As an employer, is important to continually keep potential hires in your online pipeline. However, having a website alone isn’t enough to drive traffic to your site.

Here are five steps you can take to draw potential hires in.

Use Keywords

Keywords are part of what search engines (like Google) use to rank your site (this is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization). Your site schema, blog posts, and website copy should be filled with words and phrases that people who will frequent your site will be searching for when they go to Google. Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker. Does your website have words that are relevant to what they might be typing in when they look for jobs in your area?

Have Quality Content

Another part of the SEO process is building authority on your site by creating quality content. Google will look at your content as a factor in where they will rank your site. Candidates will also be more likely to stay on your site as you create value. Write relevant blogs that will help them in their job search, give them resume tips, and educate them on job trends. Offering expertise that is practical will cause them to revisit your site and keep you in mind.

Use Email to Your Advantage

When candidates visit your site, encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or job alerts. This way you can stay in contact with them throughout the process. Be sure to link your site in every email and in any information you send. Encourage candidates to forward emails to anyone in their network who may be looking for a job.

Authoritative Links

Part of having great website content is including reputable links. Linking to your own site is called backlinking. This type of linking helps visitors stay on the page longer and points them to various resources you have to offer. You can also link to an outside website that has information you want to share. If you do this, make sure that the new link opens in a new browser tab so your site will remain open. The quality of your links is another deciding factor in how Google will rank your site.

Consider User Experience & Refresh Speed

User experience refers to how easy it is for visitors (users) to interact with your site. Test both the laptop and desktop versions of your site. Is it organized and easy to follow? Is it easy to find the most pertinent information?

The response speed of your site is also important. Slow loading times can cause visitors to become impatient and click away. Make sure your site looks clean (uncluttered), has proper spelling in the copy, and that each page loads quickly for a smooth user experience.

Looking for More Tips?

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